Water Treatment Services

Excel Water Treatment and Plumbing have a wide range of water treatment solutions for both residential and commercial applications. From simple systems to improve the quality and taste of your drinking water to whole house water filtration system to reduce soap scum, help with dry skin conditions, reduce corrosion of pipes and reduce power and water costs.

For commercial buildings needing to maximise plant efficiency and improve quality of water use in production. This can assist in avoid staining and discolourations, reducing corrorsion, reduce energy costs, improve operations,  and meet all health guidelines.

No matter what your needs are our qualified and professional staff will work with you to find a solution to suit your requirements. With over 10 years experience in water treatment your business or home is in great hands with Excel Water Treatment and Plumbing.

Services Include:

  • DI filtration systems
  • UV filtration systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Carbon filters
  • Chemical dosing and monitoring
Water Treatment Gallery